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The Russian Diplomatic Immunity Act

WHEREAS in Canada, driving under the influence of alcohol is illegal,

WHEREAS diplomatic immunity for diplomats and employees of diplomats is an essential part of diplomatic relationship,

WHEREAS Saturday, on TWO seperate occasions, employees of the Russian embassy in Ottawa, Canada caused accidents while suspected by police officers of being under the influence of Alcohol,

WHEREAS one of these accidents, caused by the first secretary of the Russian embassy caused the death of Catherine McLean, a 50 year old Ottawa citizen and wounded another woman,

WHEREAS in both cases, the drivers of the vehicules invoked diplomatic immunity in order to avoid prosecution,

WHEREAS Canada requested from Russia the lifting of the diplomatic immunity, which was refused by Russia,

WHEREAS Russia has annonced that they will persecute their first secretary under Russian law,

WHEREAS Russia seem to try to use this event as a way to demonstrate the independance of their justice system by trying to provide a fair and just trial, rather than simply dismissing the case or convincting the defendants

THEREFORE, the Ziu hereby:

OFFER their sincere sympathy for the familly of Catherine McLean,

JOIN their concerns and hopes with those of the Canadian governement, that the Russian trial will be fair for both the Accusation and the defense, and that justice will be done.

SUPPORT Canada in their decision to maintain diplomatic immunity despite popular opinion requesting that it doesn't apply for criminal offenses.

Uréu q'estadra så: Marti-Pair Furxheir - (PC-Atatürk)

Scribe's note: the name of the sponsor of this bill was changed from his non-Talossan name to his Talossan name at his request.

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