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40RZ21 — The Saffron Act

WHEREAS, the Burmese peoples have suffered under authoritarian military dictatorships since 1962 and specifically the State Peace and Development Council since 1992; and Whereas, these successions of regimes have been responsible for continuous and sustained violations of human rights (ethnic cleansing, forced labor, conscription of child soldiers, etc.) and denial of civil, political and economic freedoms (suppression of movements for democratic expression, etc.) and have been specifically responsible for the displacement of at least 500,000 ethnic minorities and the deaths of at least 300 people who were members of outlawed opposition political parties over the course of the past year alone; and

WHEREAS, the Burmese peoples have repeatedly in fearless and bold form proclaimed their yearnings and determination for a unfettered capacity to express their own vision of the UN charter's promise to all peoples around the globe of self-determination; and

WHEREAS, in the fine words of current UN envoy to Burma, Ibrahim Gambari, "No country can afford to act in isolation from the standards by which all members of the international community are held"; and

WHEREAS If your government has gone so far as to irritate Buddhist Monks to the point they come out of their Monasteries to complain about it;

THEREFORE, the Kingdom of Talossa as a member of the international community that respects and affirms the rights of all peoples for expression of all forms of political, civil and cultural freedoms and expresses its solidarity with the brave saffron-robed Buddhist monks that have taken to the streets and monasteries of Burma to oppose dictatorship and brutality.

Noi urent q'estadra så:
Breneir Tzaracomprada (MC, PP)
Mick Preston (MC, RUMP)

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