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The Second Organic Law Re-numbering Amendment

Whereas the Article IV : The Senäts is one of the longest articles in the Organic Law

Whereas the Article IV declares both how the Senators are elected and the composition and workings of the Senäts

Whereas the similiars articles for the Cosâ are divided in two distinct articles, Articles VI : Elections to the Cosâ and Article VII : Composition of the Senäts

Whereas the current Minister of Stuff is currently creating an organic law diagram

Whereas such dissimilarities between the Article of the Senäts and the articles of the Cosâ make a clear and concise reading and classification of the Organic Law difficult

Whereas whenever someone searches differences between the Cosâ and the Senäts, the difference between the two articles makes such comparison difficult

Whereas the first time this bill was proposed, it was rejected by the Senäts three agaisn't three

Whereas one of the Senators did not vote that month and his vote could have allowed this bill to pass

Therefore, the Ziu resolves to divide the Senâts article in two articles, Article IV : Election to the Senäts and Article V : Composition of the Senäts, will all articles numbered V or higher getting renumbered to accomodate the new article.

Article IV will contain the following sections of the old Article IV :

Section 1 Sections 7 thru 11 Section 14 Section 16

Article V will contain the following sections of the old Article IV :

Sections 2 thru 6 Sections 12 thru 13 Sections 17 Section 15 Section 18

Uréu q'estadra så: Marti-Pair Furxheir - (PC-Atatürk)

Scribe's note: the name of the sponsor of this bill was changed from his non-Talossan name to his Talossan name at his request.

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