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The Secretary of State Replacement Act

WHERAS the Secretary of State is probable the most crucial job in the government since it holds responsablity over the legislative and electoral process AND

WHEREAS the newly elected prime-minister can issue prime-dictates as soon as he is sworn in AND

WHEREAS this may occur prior to the completion of the post-election process and prior to seat distribution AND

WHEREAS this may cause two individuals to be responsable for an election, possibly causing confusion or errors AND

WHEREAS the clark is published with information collected in the previous month,


Resolves that except in cases where the current Secretary of State is no longer able or elligle to perform his duties, any nominations of a new secretary of state must take effect on the day of the normal publication of a Clark.

If the normally scheduled Clark is not published by the previous Secretary of State on the appropriate day, the new Secretary of State can still start his duties, starting with the publication of the clark.

Uréu q'estadra så: Martì Páir Furxhéir - (Secretary of State)

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