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The Sense of the Ziu Resolution

WHEREAS the reigning Monarch, His Majesty, Robert, King of Talossa, has expressed his support for abdication in favor of his wife, Jenny, a citizen of the Kingdom, to the Talossan Throne, in the interests of a more democratic and less "Ben-centric" Talossa; and

WHEREAS the Ziu has furthered this cause by disentangling the position of Viscount of Vuode from the Royal title, setting it within the exclusive sphere of Vuode province and independent to the national Throne; and

WHEREAS the popular bases of and support for this so-called "Queen Jenny Movement" span the political and partisan spectrum; and

WHEREAS it seems in some sense normatively improper for the reigning Monarch to be both King and political bigwig in the ruling Government party, as a constitutional monarch ought to be "apolitical" and "national", that is, transcending the divisiveness inherent in deciding between rival conceptions of policy and government;

THEREFORE the Ziu resolves that it is its expressed feeling that the issues raised by the above ought to be investigated fully: namely, the Ziu petitions and requests the Throne to appoint a Special Commission to analyze and scrutinize the theoretical and practical issues of the "Queen Jenny Movement", and to report its findings in a timely fashion back to the Throne, Ziu, and Nation.

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