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37RZ5 — The Share The Cosâ Act (Amendment)

WHEREAS Article VIII Section 3 of the Organic Law reads, “Seats won by each party shall be divided by that party among its own members and supporters as it sees fit, with the proviso that each Member of the Cosâ may hold no more than thirty seats”, but

WHEREAS in today’s more populous Talossa, thirty seats is way too many for any one MC to hold, and

WHEREAS in tomorrow's even more populous Talossa, it would be cool (and cool is what we're all about) if the number of seats per MC would maybe drop proportionally, enabling more and more Talossan citizens to become involved in the national government, and

WHEREAS letting the Ziu decide and re-decide things that are worth changing with the times is better than setting them forever in stone in the Organic Law, and

WHEREAS we just spent a couple WHEREAS's showing that this seating thing is just such a "worth changing with the times" kind of thing, now

THEREFORE the Senäts and Cosâ hereby approve the following Amendment to the Organic Law, and transmit it to the populace for ratification.

Article VIII Section 3 of the Organic Law is amended to read:
Each party shall assign the seats won by that party as it sees fit, except that no Member of the Cosâ may hold more than thirty seats. But the Ziu may further limit, by a law to take effect only after the next General Election, the number of seats that any one Member of the Cosâ may hold, in which case the same limit shall apply to all Members of the Cosâ.

FURTHERMORE, since counting the eyes, ears, nostrils, lungs, and thumbnails of 59 Talossans gives us 590, which is as good a number as any to start with, the King, the Senäts, and the Cosâ in this present Ziu assembled, hereby enact, effective immediately after the next General Election after the ratification and proclamation of the above amendment, that:

No person shall hold more seats in the Cosâ than 590 divided by the number of ballots cast in the most recent General Election, rounded up to the next integer.

Uréu q'estadra så:
Mà Barôn Tepistà (MC, RUMP)

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