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The Signing of the Oath Act

Whereas Talossa has a habit of linguistically-inept people become Prime Minister (witness painful bouts of Jahndeutsch and Wes Erni's inability to follow a simple text about Spanish being "exacerbated by shifts between inflection and parataxis, not all of which has been unidirectional... including periphrastic tenses... but postponing the main discussion of clitics"), and Whereas the next PM most likely will be the thoroughly nonlingual Gary Schwichtenberg, the Cosâ hereby creates a new tradition and amends Art. 47 of the Constituziun to reas as follows:

"The Prime Minister shall be sworn in by taking the historic Oath of Office in the Talossan language. He signs a written copy of it in the presence of the King of Talossa, or a Justice on the Uppermost Cort, and, if he so chooses, may recite the oath verbally at the same occasion. If he does not recite the Oath verbally, he shall merely swear the word "üc" ('yes') to indicate his intention nonetheless to be a good Prime Minister. Signed Oaths shall be kept in the National Archives, to be used as evidence in future criminal cases. The Historic Oath of Office is as follows: [rest of article unchanged.]"

Uréu q'estadra så: Robert Madison (PC-Vuode)

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