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The Standing on His Own Legs Amendment

WHEREAS Senators are supposed to be elected on their own merits rather than that of their party;

WHEREAS if a Senator vacates his or her seat before the term is up, the successor should be chosen in the same way;

WHEREAS a Senator is meant to represent his or her province and cannot necessarily do so if appointed by the King rather than elected by the people of the province;

WHEREAS the provinces clearly need to be more active and involved in their own politics;

WHEREAS the election of their Senator is one way this is possible;

THEREFORE 37RZ4, The Commonly Associated Act is hereby repealed and Article IV, Section 10 of the Organic Law is hereby amended to read:

Section 10: If a Senator vacates his or her seat before the end of the term, the executive of the province shall appoint a Senator to sit until the next General Election or the next provincial election in that province, whichever is sooner, at which time the people of the province shall elect a Senator to serve the remainder of the term. If the provincial executive fails to appoint a Senator within a fortnight of the vacancy, the King or his Cunstavál shall appoint the Senator.

Noi urent q'estadra så:

Nic Casálmac’h, Senator (Mussolini)

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