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44RZ19: The Stick To One Thing Until You Get There Act

WHEREAS Article Nine, Section Eleven of the Organic Law states that, "If any bill seeks to amend, change, or repeal any Article of the Organic Law or any Law, the bill must specify exactly the Law(s) or Article(s), which it seeks to amend, change, or repeal." and

WHEREAS 25RZ35 (The Royal Bank and Post Charter Act) superseded 6RC6 but doesn't explicitly repeal it, and

WHEREAS that means 6RC6 (The Postal Administration Act) is still in force, and

WHEREAS that means that any stamp based activities of the Royal Bank & Post could be aggravated by this, and

WHEREAS we now have a head of the Royal Bank & Post who might actually get something done in this regard and we don't want anything to stand in his way,

THEREFORE we, the Ziu, hereby repeal 6RC6 (The Postal Administration Act).

Noi urent q'estadra sa:
Vitxalmour Pelbiançéu Conductour (MC, RUMP)
Iason Bitxichë Taiwos (Senator, Benito)
Lüc da Schir (MC, MRPT)

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