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The Stop Killing Berbers Act

WHEREAS on 25 June 1998 Lounès Matoub, a famous Algerian Amazigh (Berber) singer, whose work has been featured on CD at past Talossa get-togethers, was shot dead by unknown perpetrators, who also seriously injured his wife and his sisters-in-law in the attack; and

WHEREAS Lounès Matoub was murdered because he was a human rights campaigner and defender of the rights of the Imazighen (Berbers) to their culture, who spoke out against the Islamist terrorists who are massacring thousands of innocent people in Algeria and the anti-democratic Algerian government which perpetuates the conflict; and

WHEREAS mass murders have occurred in Algeria for several years now, harming Arabs and Berbers alike, the perpetrators of which the Algerian government has refused to let an independent committee investigate;

THEREFORE the Ziu hereby, in order to honour the memory of Lounès Matoub and all other victims of this bloody conflict and to denounce these cowardly murders, condemns armed Islamic terrorist groups in Algeria and the Algerian government which aggravates the conflict.

Uréu q'estadra så: Ián Anglatzarâ (Independent-Cézembre)

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