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The Swearing of the Seneschál Amendment

WHEREAS, Article X, Section 3 of the Organic Law contains a provision for the Prime Minister of Talossa to be sworn into office "by signing an Instrument of Inauguration," a written document, and,

WHEREAS, this provision has never once been obeyed in the three years since the Organic Law was voted in as the supreme law of the land, and,

WHEREAS, having laws that do not correspond with reality is not a good thing,

THEREFORE, the Ziu hereby instructs that a vote be taken in a public referendum, at the earliest possible opportunity, to replace the language in Article X, Section 3, of the Organic Law, with the following language (amendment in boldface), which corresponds to the normal and traditional mode of swearing in the Seneschál:

"Art. X:Sec. 3. The Seneschál shall be sworn in by reciting the historic Oath of Office in the Talossan language, if possible in the presence of a copy of the historic book, The Loom of Language. He shall raise his right hand and take the Oath verbally in the presence of the King or a member of the Uppermost Cort, either in person or over the phone. In place of reciting the entire Oath he may simply affirm by the word 'üc' his intention to abide by its terms. The historic Oath of Office is as follows:" [Rest of article unchanged]

Uréu q'estadra så: Robert Ben Madison - (PC-Vuode)

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