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23RZ17 — The Talossa Is My Country Act

WHEREAS, all Talossans are citizens of other ("real") nations, and

WHEREAS, this puts all Talossans into a "dual citizenship" situation, and

WHEREAS, Talossa is a unique national community which has prospered for almost two decades by the unique commitment and participation of its people, and we do not want that participation confused or diluted by membership in rival "micronations,";

THEREFORE, the Ziu hereby resolves, that all such "dual citizenships" of Talossan citizens be formally honoured and recognized;

AND the Ziu hereby resolves, that no Talossan citizen shall be entitled to be a citizen, member, or constructive participant (however defined) in any so-called "micronation," without the consent of the Ziu.

Noi urent q'estadra så:
Mark Hamilton - (Silver Phoenix-Atatürk)
Robert Ben Madison - (PC-Vuode)

Scribe's Notes

  1. This act failed to pass the Senate.

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