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The Talossa Is One Country Act

WHEREAS, the Wittenberg discussion group has served for many years as a censorship-free meeting-place for all Talossans of every political and cultural persuasion, to discuss all aspects of Talossa, whether cultural, religious, linguistic, political, diplomatic, or undiplomatic; and

WHEREAS, in 1997 a rival "culture only" discussion group was created by a group of citizens whose objective was to break up the country, destroy friendships, and form their own pop-off micronation; and

WHEREAS, a certain Talossan or clique of Talossans has recently (December, 1999) created the same kind of "culture only" discussion group with the explicit threat that any posting which did not comport with their arbitrary definition of 'culture' would be deleted; and

WHEREAS, a separatist discussion group inevitably tends to divide Talossans into two distinct communities with more limited social interaction, and enforces a false dichotomy between "cultural" matters and "political" matters, raising the spectre of another "cultural secession" from Talossa, with the heated clashes and breakup of friendships that that would inevitably entail; Therefore, the Ziu hereby:

APPEALS to all Talossan citizens to maintain Wittenberg as the country's traditional discussion group, and to refrain from participation in divisive rival and separatist forums;

DECLARES that no official Government notices of any sort, including from the office of the Secretary of State, may be posted on any discussion group other than Wittenberg without the advance permission of the Prime Minister;

INSTRUCTS that no Government or semi-public website entity, including, shall create any sort of link to the separatist discussion group;

IMPLORES that the separatist discussion group project be abandoned immediately in the interest of national unity;

WARNS that as Scripture enjoins people to "avoid the appearance of evil," this rival discussion group project has an unseemly "appearance."

Uréu q'estadra så: Robert Ben Madison - (PC-Vuode)

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