Law:The Talossa Needs More Canadian Cypriots Act

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23RZ31 — The Talossa Needs More Canadian Cypriots Act

WHEREAS, Eddie Abel of Cyprus (but a native of Canada) has completed all the Citizenship Things; and

WHEREAS, he is expected to be approved by the Uppermost Cort of Talossa for admission as a Talossan Citizen;

THEREFORE, the Cosâ and Senäts, in joint Gruppengloppen, hereby approve his application for citizenship, pending of course the final vote of the Cort.

Uréu q'estadra så:
R. Ben Madison (PC-Vuode; Immigration Minister)

Scribe's Notes

  1. This act passed the Ziu, although the votes cast were not recorded, as during this period, votes on citizenship bills were secret.

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