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The Talossa Needs More Squirrels Act

Whereas, for several years, an unofficial version of the RT Coat of Arms has existed, which depicts squirrels holding up the Coat of Arms; but Whereas, this more complicated version remains unofficial but is very attractive, THEREFORE the Cosa hereby amends Article 7 of the 1988 Constituziun to read as follows: The Coat of Arms of Talossa shall exist in two forms. The Lesser State Arms is a white shield bearing the Chinese character bên (translated as «energetic» or «strenuous») surrounded by a disk bearing the words Regipäts Talossán Kingdom * 26.12.1979*. Above this is placed a crown. The Greater State Arms shall consist of the Lesser State Arms, supported by two squirrels, standing upon a ribbon; upon the ribbon appears the National Motto of Talossa: Miehen Huone on Hänen Valtakunta (see Article 9). Either form of the Coat of Arms of Talossa may be used for official purposes.

Uréu q'estadra så: Robert Madison (PC-Vuode)


Talarms.gif NEED: [[File:]] Lesser State Arms

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