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The Talossan Bar

WHEREAS there is absent any authority within the Kingdom of Talossa authorising the approval of practicing lawyer, attorney, barristers, and solicitors; and

WHEREAS such authority should exist if anyone is to practice law as a legal representative in the Kingdom of Talossa; and

WHEREAS it's high time such a problem was addressed

THEREOFRE the Ziu enacts the following law, hereby establishing a Royal Talossan Bar:

From this moment henceforth there shall be a legal association for the approval of any person wishing to practise law as a barrister, solicitor, lawyer, or attorney (styled as such according to Talossan law), known as the Royal Talossan Bar.

In order to gain admittance to the Bar, a candidate must pass a test or set of requirements set by the Bar, according to Talossan law. Upon admittance to the Bar, any person may be allowed to freely practise law, having the right to appear before any court in the Kingdom of Talossa.

The head of the Bar shall be chosen by the Senäts with a majority vote. The leader of the Bar shall be called Chancellor of the Royal Talossan Bar, chosen to serve the people of Talossa as the top legal mid, separate from the political structure. The Chancellor shall have no legal power beyond that of aiding in the approval or removal of Bar candidates or its members.

Uréu q'estadra så: Christopher C. Gruber - GCP-MM

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