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25 RZ21

The Talossan Canon of Laws Act

Uréu q'estadra så: Matt Dabrowski - (PC-Vuode)

WHEREAS there has been a few noble attempts to clean up Talossan law libraries, including the Codification Act of May 1998; and

WHEREAS they haven't done much quite yet;

THEREFORE the Ziu ordains this new idea:

Create a web site of called the "Talossan Canon of Laws". The web site will contain *every* act on the books in the History of Talossa, including appealed ones if we can get them from the Archives, This site will also include Cort decisions, Royal proclamations, PDs, and all that. This site will be organized into "Titles", for example: Title 1: Constitutions Title 2: Ministries and the Prime Minister Title 3: Territories and so on... Title n-3: PDs Title n-2: Cort Decisions Title n: Royal Proclamations AND it would be cool if in the end all the laws could be looked up in indexes of authors, titles, and dates of passage, and cool stuff like that. AND the Ziu hopes that this can be accomplished, because it could prove darn useful, so it asks the Secretary of State to take care of this. He or she can appoint whomever he or she pleases to do the work, too. It's a win-win situation.

AND if this works out, the Ziu ordains Canons to be founded for each Province.

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