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39RZ16 — The Talossan Government Transparency Act

WHEREAS, transparency in government is vital to a free and active nation, and inspires both confidence and trust among the citizenry; and

WHEREAS, the activities of the Prime Minister and his appointed Ministers are benchmarks for progress within the Kingdom, and information about progress within the PM's government and ministries should be made available to all citizens on a regular basis; now

THEREFORE, the Prime Minister of the Kingdom of Talossa is directed to issue a report every two months, detailing actions taken by his or her office and appointed Ministers. The first report of a new Prime Minister will be delivered within the first month of taking office, and subsequent reports will be issued no less often than every two months thereafter. If possible reports will be posted in the primary forum, rather virtual or physical, however, they must emailed to all citizens immediately after their completion.

ADDITIONALLY a blog may be set up for the Prime Minister to post the report on instead of, or in addition to, the other requirements for distribution stated above

FURTHERMORE, each report must be issued no sooner than the first day of the month in which it is due to be filed, and no later than the last day of said month. If the Prime Minister is unable to file such a report by the deadlines specified above, he or she may delegate the task to the Distain or other member of the government, provided that their signature, as well as that of the Prime Minister, are affixed to the report.

Noi urent q'estadra sa:
Flip Molinar (MC, FGP)
Danihél Forestál (MC, PP)
Ma la Mha, Baron Tepistà (MC, RUMP)
Matáiwos Vürinalt (MC, Independent)
T.M. Asmourescu (MC, RDP)
Ieremiac'h Ventrutx (Senator, Florencia)

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