Law:The Talossan Language Traditions Amendment

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The Talossan Language Traditions Amendment

Whereas numerous RT Prime Ministers (among them Tom Buffone, Wes Erni, Jack Schneider) have chosen to say their Oath of Office in the Talossan language, and Whereas, the PM represents the entire Talossan nation, and Whereas the Constituziun provides that "The sole historic and national language of the entire Talossan people is the Talossan language" (Art. 5), Therefore, the Cosâ hereby deltes the phrase "or English according to his wish" from Article 47 of the Constituziun, and changes the punctuation of the English text of the PM's Oath of Office to indicate that it remains in the Constituziun solely as a translationg of the Talossan version. The effect of all this is to say that future PMs will take their Oath in the historic and national language of the entire Talossan people, i.e. Talossan.

Proposed by: Robert Madison (PC-Vuode)

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