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The Talossan National Musical Library

The Cosâ hereby confers upon John Jahn the official title of Talossa's National Musical Historian & Archivist. His extensive collection, which as of last moth comprised some 753 CDs, LPs and pre-recorded cassettes, plus untold hundreds of Jahn-recorded cassettes, is also hereby designated the Kingdom's National Musical Library. Jahn's collection includes some 498 CDs, 236 LPs, and several hundred cassette tapes. The variety included in this collection is also incredibly diverse, including Classical, Opera, Vocalists, Big Band Music of the '20s through '60s, film and musical show soundtracks, military band music, and rock and roll and adult contemporary music of the '50s through early '80s. With scant exceptions (Harry Connick Jr., Gloria Estefan among them), music has declined in quality over the past decade or so, so the Library has little of that noise. Nevertheless, it's by far the most diverse and extensive collection in the Kingdom, and Jahn has offered to record any selectioons desired by any Talossans for free should they ask (the whole collection is organized ruthlessly and easily accessible) Jahn also has several excellent books on instruments, composers, bands, Sinatra and musical history, which are part of the Library.

Proposed by: John A. Jahn (PC-Maritiimi-Maxhestic)

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