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The Talossan Weights and Measures Act

WHEREAS, many years ago, when Talossa was only in contact with the United States, Talossa adopted the Metric System of weights and measures (SI) as an effort to distinguish ourselves culturally from the all-surrounding Americans; and

WHEREAS, Talossa today has contact with societies and cultures all around the world, most of whom also use the Metric System, thereby making use of the Metric System a not very effective way of marking Talossan cultural distinctiveness; and

WHEREAS, despite the metricization efforts of the RT government, virtually all signs, broadcasts, public notices, and conversation among people living within the boundaries of the Kingdom of Talossa continues to involve the "American" or English System of weights and measures, thus showing that it is in fact the English system of miles, pounds, feet, and so forth, that truly holds the allegiance of those living on and around the Talossan Peninsula;

THEREFORE, the Kingdom of Talossa hereby repeals any and all acts of the Ziu regarding weights and measures and enacts that the sole official system of weights and measures within the Kingdom of Talossa is the so-called "American" or English System.

[Note: This Act seems entirely to supercede 6RC62, The Talossan Metrification Act.]

Uréu q'estadra så: Robert Ben Madison - (PC-Vuode)

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