Law:The Terpelaziuns (Question Time) Act

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The Terpelaziuns (Question Time) Act

Whereas Living Cosâs are the only forum at which the PM, his Ministers, and other MCs assemble to confront one another directly, and Whereas Talossa expects accountability from her government (and not just in apocalyptic ways like the Vote of Confidence), Therefore the Cosâ authorises a question and answer period during Living Cosâs. This will be called "Terpelaziuns" ('enquiries') or, for short, "Terps," or "Question Time." During Terpelaziuns, each MC may ask any other MC one question (plus a follow-up) and expect to receive some sort of answer. The Opposition Leader shall put the first question. Questions shall alternate between Government and Opposition members until all MCs on one side or the other have spoken. The remaining MCs may then put questions. Questions will be politely phrased in the third person and directed at the Speaker. Order of Questioners will be determined on an ad hoc basis by the Speaker.

Proposed by: Robert Madison (PC-Vuode)

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