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The Turn Up the Speaker Act

Whereas the office of Speaker of the Cosâ is currently filled by the alarmingly active John McGarry, and Whereas it seems right to give the Speaker some token political power to make the Cosâ run more smoothly, the Cosâ hereby deletes the sentence "A tie between për and contrâ is considered a rejection of the bill" from Article 69, and adds the following as Article 70 of the Constituziun:

"In the unlikely event of a tie between për and contrâ votes, the Speaker of the Cosâ may cast a tie-breaking vote, if he so chooses. If he declines, the vote is deadlocked and the bill is considered defeated."

Art. 108 (regarding the Speaker and Living Cosâ) is deleted, and this is added as Article 55a:

"The Prime Minister shall designate, when he designates his Cabinet, an individual to serve as Speaker of the Cosâ (Talossan: el Túischac'h) during the upcoming term. He may be removed and replaced by law. He Speaker shall cast a tie-breaking vote on any bill on any Clark (Art. 70). Moreover. the Speaker shall preside, direct and maintain order at Living Cosâs. He is considered the honourable President of the Cosâ and shall be awarded all due veneration."

Uréu q'estadra så: Robert Madison (PC-Vuode)

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