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The Tusk Amendment

Whereas, the Cosâ did last month approve making "Fleetwood Mac's Greatest Hits" the Kingdom's official CD (that's disc with a "c", Ben); and whereas their odd song "Tusk" did serve as Talossa's first national anthem (actually, from 12/26/79 to 1/11/80; and then again from 2/11/80 to 10/19/80); therefore we hereby amend Article 8 of the Constituziun and make "Tusk" Talossa's official National Song. The last sentence of the article is replaced with the following:

"The official national song of Talossa is 'Tusk,' as performed by Fleetwood Mac."

Proposed by: John Jahn, Musikführer (PC-Maritiimi-Maxhestic)

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