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The Uniform Ballots Amendment

The Cosâ hereby establishes a single, generic election ballot that can be photocopied and used in all RT elections:

Art. 30. Only "registered" political parties may obtain seats in the Cosâ. Parties which win votes but are not "registered" may not assume their seats in the Cosâ until they register themselves. A political party may register itself at any time with the Secretary of State, by obeying the following procedure: First, the Party must have at least one member designated as its "Ieader." Second, the leader of the Party must provide the Secretary of State with a 50-word (or less) statement of the general aims and views of the Party. Third, the Secretary of Slate may request from all parties a fee, to be set by law, to cover the cost of the election. This fee shall be uniform for all parties. A party which holds seats in any Cosâ is automatically "registered" for the following Cosâ if it wins any seats therein; its leader and 50-word statement are assumed to "carry over."

Art. 34. The Secretary of State shall produce a generic election ballot with instructions on its use, a blank space in which to stamp the Election Deadline, a blank space in which the voter may write the name of the political party of his choice, and a blank space for the voter's signature. (Unsigned ballots are invalid.) This ballot shall be a public document, available to all upon written request. All citizens may freely keep, make, and distribute unaltered copies of the ballot as part of a campaign for votes. The back of the ballot shall contain any 11x7 cm adverts which the parties may have submitted for that election, and if a ballot contains such adverts, voters may vote for the party of their choice by crossing out the advert of that party. 'OId' ballots or ones not containing the adverts on the back are still considered valid. Voters who write in the name of the party of their choice are responsible for writing it correctly. The Secretary shall prepare special ballots for referenda if these are required. Articles 35 and 35a are repealed.

Uréu q'estadra så: Robert Madison (PC-Vuode)

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