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23RZ49 — The Vénéneux Act

WHEREAS Chris Gruber is a propective Talossan citizen; and

WHEREAS Chris Gruber is planning to produce a free Talossan cultural magazine; and

WHEREAS this is proscribed by LZ14 of October 1997 without authorisation from the Ziu; and

WHEREAS Talossa always needs more emphasis on its culture;

THEREFORE the Ziu gives Chris permission to publish his magazine, Vénéneux.

Noi urént q'estadra så:
Maxime P-Charbonneau (RCT-Florenciâ)
Charles O. Sauls (PC-Florenciâ)

Scribe's Notes

  1. This act passed the Cosa 15-0-0 and the Senate 5-1-0.

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