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The VIA Form Extension Act

Whereas, the current Constituziun's article on VIA Forms was written at a time when elections took place much more frequently, and thus is no longer as helpful to VIA Form voters as it once was, THEREFORE, the Cosâ hereby rewrites Article 36 of the Constituziun as follows:

Art. 36. The Secretary of State shall provide, to any voter who requests it, a Vote in Advance (VIA) Form. The VIA Form will stand, after it is signed by the Citizen and returned to the Secretary of State, as a substitute ballot during the next two elections. If the Citizen is unable to vote in either (or both) of those elections, the party choice indicated on the VIA Form will be entered as that Citizen's choice in said election(s). The VIA Form shall include a space for the Citizen to enter one political party of his choice. A Citizen may request other VIA Forms, each of which supercedes the last. If the Citizen does vote normally in an election, his VIA Form choice is ignored. The Secretary of State is still obliged to provide a ballot to each Citizen who requests one, in case the Citizen wants to change his mind.

Uréu q'estadra så: Robert Madison (PC-Vuode)

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