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The Viscount of Vuode Title Act

[Note that this Act contains "ephemeral" matter as well as "referendum".]

WHEREAS some Vuodeans have decided that, even though they may like the possibility of having a non-Ben King, they'd still like a Ben Viscount;

THEREFORE the Ziu orders a referendum to co-incide with the next Clark, to decide the following change of the 1997 Organic Law: "That in Article III, Section 3, the phrase 'Viscount of Vuode' will be deleted."; and

THEREFORE the title of Viscount of Vuode will, with the passage of this bill and the referendum reside in the person of Ben Madison outside his position as King; and

THEREFORE since the title is Vuodean, the Ziu sends it back to Vuode, so they can lop Ben's head off if they feel like it. Whatever. It's up to them, because We Like Provinces(tm).

Uréu q'estadra så: Matt Dabrowski - (PC-Vuode)

Robert Ben Madison - (PC-Vuode)

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