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35RZ21 — The What The Heck Is The Civil Code Of The State Of Wisconsin Act

WHEREAS 31RZ14 adopted the "Civil and Criminal Codes of the State of Wisconsin" as national law for the Kingdom of Talossa, and

WHEREAS, there is nothing called the "Civil Code" in Wisconsin law, and

WHEREAS the above description is consequently unclear as to which chapters of the Wisconsin Statutes were intended to be incorporated into Talossan law, now

THEREFORE, the Ziu hereby clarifies that:

  1. The following chapters of the Wisconsin Statutes constitute the "Civil and Criminal Codes of the State of Wisconsin" for the purposes of The Talossan Civil and Criminal Codes Act, 31RZ14, and subject to the restrictions contained in that act:
    • Chapters 240-243 Fraudulent Conveyances and Contracts
    • Chapters 401-411 Uniform Commercial Code
    • Chapters 421-429 Wisconsin Consumer Act
    • Chapters 700-710 Property
    • Chapters 938-951 Criminal Code
    • Chapter 961 Controlled Substances
  2. The above chapters shall be dynamically incorporated into Talossan law, so that future amendments thereto by the State of Wisconsin shall also constitute Talossan law, to the extent that they are not inconsistent with the Organic Law or with acts of the Ziu adopted pursuant to clause 2 of 31RZ14.

Uréu q.estadra så:
C. M. Siervicül (MC, RUMP)

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