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The Writs of Dissolution Act

Whereas the PM and the King may dissolve the Cosâ at any moment, thus possibly scrambling an entire month of Cosâ paperwork to the detriment of the environment and people's tempers, and Whereas Talossan tradition for many years now has caused elections to occur from the 15th of one month to the end of the 14th of the next month, the Cosâ hereby writes that tradition into law and furthermore crafts a new system of Cosâ dissolution that ensures that all voting on a Clark can be completed before the dissolution takes effect. The following articles are changed to read as follows:

Art. 33. All elections to the Cosâ are to be conducted during a period of one month from the 15ht day of the current month to 7.30 p.m. on the 14th of the following month. The first day of this period (the 15ht) is called the "Balloting Day" since it is when the ballots are made available; the last day (the 14th) is called the "Election Deadline."

Art. 56. Each Cosâ is elected to a limited term of office. The term of office shall begin when the Prime Minister is sworn in and he formally forms his government. This should occur during the two weeks following the end of elections. If it does not, the Prime Minister-elect may issue a "Warrant of Prorogation" and extend the government formation period another month. (If a Warrant of Prorogation is issued, the incoming government loses one month of its six month term, however, and may only issue and vote on a maximum of five Clarks before new elections are called.) If no government is formed during the extended six-week period, the King shall issue a Writ of Dissolution.

Art. 57. The Cosâ may be dissolved before its term has expired. The King may issue "Writs of Dissolution" to dissolve the Cosâ. The PM may appeal for "Writs of Dissolution", and the King may under no circumstances refuse such an appeal. A Writ, once issued, takes effect only at the end of the month in which it was issued. If there is a Clark beinf voted on that month, all voting on that Clark may be completed before the Writ takes effect. The effect of a Writ of Dissolution is to dissolve the Cosâ and suspend its operations until after new elections are held. No Clark may be issued until two weeks after new elections are held and a Prime Minister sworn in.

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