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35RZ4 — The Youthful Citizenship Clarification Act

WHEREAS the law is not entirely clear on every detail of Talossan citizenship law as it applies to natural-born citizens (dandelions) and other minor citizens, and

WHEREAS this has caused vast confusion and heated argument, now

THEREFORE the Ziu hereby enacts that:

  1. Explicit renunciation of Talossan citizenship made by a parent or legal guardian on behalf of a citizen not yet 14 years old shall be considered as the renunciation of the young citizen himself; but no such renunciation will be recognized that is not made explicitly and publicly and in the name of the young citizen.
  2. Any citizen who reaches the age of 14 and fails to register and vote will begin accumulating “strikes” just like any other citizen who fails to vote, and will be subject to losing his citizenship (just like any other) when he accumulates three strikes; but his failure to register will not otherwise be taken as a renunciation of citizenship.
  3. Any minor child or ward of a Talossan citizen shall be made a citizen on simple application of the Talossan parent or guardian. Such application shall be made to the Secretary of State and shall affirm that any non-Talossan parent or legal guardian of the minor child (according to and under any jurisdiction of the world) accedes to said citizenship. The said minor child shall be made a citizen of the province to which the parent making the described application clings, regardless of the closure status of the province. Said child shall be forever entitled to be known as a Dandelion, and specifically as a Broad-Leaf Dandelion, and shall on reaching the age of 14 years become a voting citizen according to the terms of Article XVIII, Section 7 of the Organic Law and of Section 2 of this Act.

Uréu q'estadra så:
John Woolley (MC, CLP), Secretár d’Estat

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