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Un-named (18th Cosa)

Resolved, that the Green Bay Packers are by far the most illustrious and successful team in all of recorded time, and Resolved, that their present situation only promises to get better with division titles, playoff victories, and a Super Bowl not far away, and Resolved, that the Packers newfound success after years of frustration is similar to the renewed interest we see today in Talossa, then be it Resolved that each Talossan must make every effort to watch and support the Packers, and be required by law to watch the game on Oct. 31 against the despicable and often quite smelly Chicago Bears, and root loudly for "our team" as they run rufshod (sic) over the entire NFC.

Proposed by: Andrew Wozniak (PL-Maritiimi-Maxhestic)

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