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45RZ24, The Yer Outta Here Act

This law is currently

Ziu 45th Clark 6th
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WHEREAS 39RZ18 created a Magistrate's Court "for the trial of all cases arising under the laws of the Kingdom of Talossa, both civil and criminal", and

WHEREAS in the creation of the Magistrate's Court it was overlooked that lower courts cannot organically impose a penalty of expulsion from Talossa, now

THEREFORE the Ziu hereby amends 39RZ18 to add the following section:

6. In any criminal trial, no sentence of banishment or revocation of citizenship recommended by the Magistrate's Court shall be effective unless approved by a unanimous vote of the Uppermost Cort.

Noi urent q'estadra sa:

C. M. Siervicül (MC, RUMP)
Dien Tresplet (MC, RUMP)

Scribe's Notes

This act amends The Creation of a Magistracy Act.

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