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You Are What You Publish Act

WHEREAS our Esteemed King and Talossa's most prolific writer of all time has decided that he will no longer be in the business of publishing his books for consumption by the Talossan masses and;

WHEREAS Mr. Foctéir had indicated a long time ago that he would be delighted to provide this important service to Talossans if Mr. Madison was unwilling and unable to provide it and;

WHEREAS Mr. Foctéir has been involved in making Talossan publications available on the World Wide Web and;

WHEREAS Mr. Foctéir has been playing around, in his mind, with the idea of a chartered company to carry out the publishing and computerization of Talossa's many publications in a more systematic manner;

THEREFORE The Ziu hereby authorizes Davïu Foctéir to establish the Talossan Publishing Trust to act as overseer to the publishing in printed and electronic format of all books and publications that are under Ben Madison's ownership/copyright and any other publications that have been authored by persons other than Ben Madison if these persons wish to enlist the services of the Talossan Publishing Trust.

The Ziu also gives the Talossan Publishing Trust, its interim president, and sole employee full control over its own affairs on condition that the same standard of excellence be upheld and that the Talossan Publishing Trust submit a report of its activities to the Ziu once every year.

Uréu q'estadra så: Davïu Foctéir - (RCT-Atatürk)

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