1997 Glaçâ v. Støtanneu (UC)

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Din el Cort Pü Inalt



Brief of the ruling

Opinion of the Court delivered by


Adiêns Glaçâ of the Silver Phoenix Party (a merger of the Chocolate Orange Party and the Whigs) sued the newspaper Støtanneu (run by Robert I) for libel. The newspaper labelled the SPP as a "party of prevaricators", similar to Davron's 1994 "Liberal Party". Crucially, the paper accused Glaça of misleading the Cosâ in his application for citizenship in 1996.

According to Ár Päts, this drawn-out trial was dubbed "the O.J. trial" by Art Verbotten due to its length. During the case, King Robert, on behalf of his newspaper, claimed that Glaçâ was attempting to "censor" the press.


The record is unclear as to the outcome of this case. Ár Päts claims that when SPP member Ieremiac'h Ventrutx threatened to email-bomb the King and to encourage "College Republicans" to infiltrate Talossa, "[Glaçâ] abandoned the party and his lawsuit, his reputation in rubble."

On the other hand, the recollection of Miestrâ Schivâ is that "The Uppermost Cort found that (on the precedent of Falwell v. Hustler) it was impossible to be libelled by a paper with no credibility which no-one took seriously."

More accurate records are needed to determine whether there was in fact a ruling in this case, and what the contents of that ruling were.