2013/E3 Fiôván Festival of Art (Fiova)

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FiovagovH.png This page is maintained under the authority of the Fiôvâ Provincial Chancery.
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Executive Order

Status: IN FORCE

Issued by: FiovagovH.png
Cunstavál: Istefan Perþonest
Capitán: Carlüs Xheraltescu
Date: 11 July 2013/XXXIV

Fiôvâ Provincial Chancery
  1. In the interest of promoting cultural activity in the Free Province of Fiôvâ, the Provincial Government shall host a yearly competition called the Fiôván Festival of Art. Entries will be limited to visual forms of art, and shall be divided into the following categories:
    1. Fiôván Art: Entrants must be Fiôván citizens, and the victorious entrant shall earn the Fiôván honorary title of ‘Fiôvâ’s Most Eminent Skipper of Art’ until the next Festival.
    2. Talossan Art: Entrants may be Talossans of any province, and the victorious entrant shall earn the right to refer to themselves as being a ‘Recognisably Decent Artist’ until the next Festival.
  2. Each category will be given a separate theme, decided by a panel of judges consisting of Fiôvâ’s Cunstaval, Fiôvâ’s Capitán and the Túischac'h of Fiôvâ’s General Assembly, who will also be responsible for judging the entries.
  3. The themes for each category must be announced on the 1st day of June, the anniversary of the Glorious Revolution of Calondâ Gün, and entrants have until the last day of June to post their entries. Judging will then commence and will last for no more than one week following the 30th of June.