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|d2=Dissolution of the [[Senate for the 34th Cosa|34th Cosa]]
|d2=Dissolution of the [[Senate for the 34th Cosa|34th Cosa]]
[[Category:Former citizens| Durnford, Amy]]
[[Category:Former citizens|Durnford, Amy]]

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Queen Amy (Amy Durnford) is second wife of Robert Ben Madison, founder of Talossa. She is the grandmother of Louis, who succeeded her husband to the Talossan throne.

Durnford became a Talossan citizen on 5 August 2000, and was Robert's queen consort from their marriage until her reunciation of citizenship on 15 August 2005. She also served in the Ziu.


Preceded by
Harry Lee Madison
Senator for Vuode
31st Cosa - Dissolution of the 34th Cosa
Succeeded by
Baron Hooligan