April 2019 General Election

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Next General Election
July 2018 General Election 15 Mar 2019 - 1 Apr 2019 Next General Election

All 200 seats in the Cosa
101 seats needed for a majority
Eligible voters 173
Turnout 104 - 60.12% (Decrease 17.46%)
FreeDemsLogo2018.jpeg RUMPlogo.png
Leader Miestrâ A. Schivâ Alexandreu Davinescu Ian Plätschisch
Party FreeDem RUMP AMP
Leader since 29 Jan 2019 ? 22 Feb 2019
Leader's seat MC (FreeDem) MC (RUMP) Senator (MM)
Last election 63 61 new party
Seats won 89 48 40
Seat change Increase 26 Decrease 13 new party
Popular vote 42 23 19
Percentage 44.21% 24.21% 20.00%
Swing Increase 12.09% Decrease 6.22% new party
Leader Erschéveþ da Schir
Party MRA
Leader's seat MC (MRPT)
Last election new party
Seats won 23
Seat change new party
Popular vote 11
Percentage 11.58%
Swing new party

Outgoing Cosa

Outgoing Seneschal Presumptive Seneschal
Miestrâ Schivâ
Miestrâ Schivâ

A General Election was held between March 15th to April 1st 2019/XL. All 200 seats in the Cosa were up for reelection, in addition to the Senate seats for Atatürk, Cézembre and Vuode, a special election for Florencia's seat and various provincial assemblies.

Registered parties

Four national political parties registered for the election:

Party Beliefs
  Awakening and Magnifying Passion
  Free Democrats of Talossa Progressivism, liberalism, republicanism
  Moderate Radicals Arise! Centrism, constitutional monarchy, liberalism
  Recruits for Upholding the Monarchy and its Principles (RUMP) Monarchism, conservativism, derivativism

Notably, the Moderate Radical Party of Talossa did not contest the elections, having been unilaterally dissolved by its interim leader Txoteu Davinescu. This brought to an end the party's existence, after having contested ten General Elections in a row starting from the October 2011 General Election. The party had held a plurality both in the Cosa and in the Senate for over two years. This signified the end of the stable system of three "viable" parties that had existed since 2016.

Likewise, Mximo Carbonel's one-man Make Talossa Great Again party did not contest the elections; since Reunision, he had contested four elections in a row and six in total.

Two new parties arose from the MRPT's ashes: Awakening and Magnifying Passion, which was intended as a clean break with the party (albeit formed by the party's Cabinet ministers), and Moderate Radicals Arise!, which instead sought to mostly continue its legacy.

With the MRPT out of the picture, the Free Democrats needed a gain of 38 seats to win a majority; the RUMP needed 40. No party has won an outright majority since June 2012, although the RUMP came close in the two subsequent elections.

Predictions and exit polling


Senatorial races

Three senatorial elections were held concurrently to the April 2019 General Election. These results are preliminary and may be subject to change.


Sevastáin Pinátsch elected in the first round

Candidate's name Round 1 votes Elected
Sevastáin Pinátsch 9 YesY
Bradley Holmes (write-in) 2
Çelis del Þeracour (write-in) 1
Koray Yucel (write-in) 1
Óïn D. Ursüm (write-in) 1


Thor Deyaert elected in the fifth round

Candidate's name Round 1 votes Round 2 votes Round 3 votes Round 4 votes Round 5 votes Elected
Thor Deyaert 6 6 6 6 7 YesY
Ián Anglatzarâ 2 2 3 3 -
Ián da Bitoûr 2 2 2 3 3
Glüc da Dhi 1 1 - - -
Litz Cjantscheir 1 1 1 - -
Tamás Ónodi 1 - - - -


Ieremiac'h Ventrutx elected in the third round

Candidate's name Round 1 votes Round 2 votes Round 3 votes Elected
Ieremiac'h Ventrutx 3 3 3 YesY
Ma Conta la Mha 2 2 -
Mximo Carbonel 2 2 -
Patrick Woolley 1 - -


Provincial elections

Final results for provincial assemblies were compiled by the respective provincial officers rather than the Chancery and therefore they were delayed in respect to the national results.

Notably, at most two assemblies will be controlled by a single party.

Elections for elected assemblies produced:

  • A strengthened Free Democrat plurality in Atatürk, by 5 votes to the RUMP's 3, and the AMP and ModRad's 1.
  • A tied Moderate Radical-Free Democrat majority in Benito, with 5 votes each, to the AMP's 1. This will therefore be the first term since the 49th without a Moderate Radical majority, partly due to the collapse of the MRPT.
  • A new Free Democrat plurality in Cézembre, with 5 votes; the RUMP got 4 votes, independent Thor Deyaert 2, and the ModRads 1. This will be the first Free Democrat Etats plurality in their own right.
  • In Florencia, the RUMP will lose majority control of the Nimlet for the first time since its foundation. To the two seats for the RUMP, two for the Free Democrats, one for independent republican Mximo Carbonél and one for the AMP will be added, as per Florencian law, a seat for the incumbent Governor (Carbonél himself) and for the RUMP's newly elected Senator, Ieremiac'h Ventrutx.

For the provincial assemblies that are based on claims to seats:

  • In Maricopa, the claim process for the Cabana has yet to begin.
  • In M-M, the dissolution of the MRPT will end the streak of four consecutive MRPT majority Assembly convocations. The AMP will take over the majority with two claimed seats, with one independent.
  • In Vuode, the Free Democrats will lose its majority, but still retain half of the four seats, due to the new claim of Gödafrïeu Airignha (AMP).
Assembly Partisan control RUMP AMP ThDey SeDUc ModRd FrDem Mximo
Ka flag.gif House of Commons No overall control 6 2 - - 2 10 -
Be flag.gif Benitian Assembly No overall control - 1 - - 5 5 -
Ce flag.png L'Etats No overall control 7 0 3 - 1 9 -
Fl flag.jpg Nimlet No overall control 3 1 - - - 2 2
Ma flag.gif Cabana Not seated yet ? ? - - ? ? -
Mmflag.png Assembly AMP 0 2 - 1 - 0 -
Vd flag.gif States General No overall control 1 1 - - - 2 -