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Established: April 17th, 1982/III
Cunstaval: Ieremiac'h Ventrutx
Senator: Iason Taiwos

Be map.png
Location of Benito.

The Sovereign Province of Benito is a Province of Talossa.

Formerly known as Mussolini, the province name was changed following a referendum of its citizens, during which the actions of the Italian dictator of the same name were denounced. The renaming was affirmed at the National level through 38PD1, issued April 26, 2008. The province was granted the right to self-govern during the 39th Cosa with the proclamation of a Constitution by Viceré Owen Edwards.

Head of State

The Head of State is the Viceré (known in other provinces as the Cunstaval or Constable). The Viceré is appointed for an indefinite term by the Monarch to serve as the vice regal representative to the Province. Under the Benitian Constitution, the authority of the Viceré is limited to powers which mimic those of the Monarch at the National level.

Head of Government

The Head of Government is the Maestro. The Maestro is elected by the members of the Legislative Chancellery, the Benitian legislature. Under the Benitian Constitution, the Maestro can issue legislative proclamations, which are similar to Prime Dictates at the National level.


The Legislative authority of the province is vested in the Legislative Chancellery, a unicameral legislature composed of 11 seats held by members, or Chancellors, directly elected during the General Election. Chancellors may be removed from office by legislative force, in limited circumstances, upon being presented with a Writ of Impeachment pursuant to Benitian law.

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