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The Chancery is easily the most important of the state functions, as it administers elections, oversees the operation of the Ziu, and receives and acts upon most petitions made to the Crown, issuing royal grants under the Lesser State Seal, including the granting of citizenship. The duties of the Chancery include the preparation and publication of the legislative journal, The Clark, issued with each monthly session of the Ziu and containing the text of all proposed legislation and results of the previous session's balloting. The position of Secretary of State is widely regarded as the most onerous in Talossa, and many of Talossa's most important figures have served as Secretary of State, including King John before his election to the throne. The Secretary is empowered to distribute the duties of the Chancery to a single deputy and any number of lesser "Members of the Office of the Secretary of State", referred to as Undersecretaries. The current Secretary of State is Sir Iustì Canun, served by Deputy Secretary Éovart (Eðo) Grischun and Undersecretary of State Béneditsch Ardpresteir.