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The Chancery
Current Head: Iustì Canun, UrGP
Deputies: M.T. Patritz da Biondeu and Béneditsch Ardpresteir
Function: To administer elections, oversee the legislative process, and manage petitions to the Crown.

The Chancery is easily the most important of the state functions, as it administers elections, oversees the operation of the Ziu, and receives and acts upon most petitions made to the Crown, issuing royal grants under the Lesser State Seal, including the granting of citizenship.

The position of Secretary of State is widely regarded as the most onerous in Talossa, and many of Talossa's most important figures have served as Secretary of State, including King John before his election to the throne.

Duties and Powers

The duties of the Chancery include the preparation and publication of the legislative journal, the Clark, issued with each monthly session of the Ziu and containing the text of all proposed legislation and results of the previous session's balloting.

The Secretary of State is empowered to distribute the duties of the Chancery to a single deputy and to any number of lesser "Members of the Office of the Secretary of State", referred to as Undersecretaries.

The current Secretary of State is Sir Iustì Canun, served by Deputy Secretary Éovart (Eðo) Grischun, Senior Undersecretary of State Béneditsch Ardpresteir and Junior Undersecretary of State M.T. Patritz da Biondeu.

Method of Appointment

The office of Secretary of State is unique among Talossan appointments. As one of the members of the Royal Household, the Secretary of State answers and reports only to the King, not to the Prime Minister or any other governmental officer. In all other cases, the officers of the Royal Household are appointed by the King, after receiving a recommendation from a specific governmental officer or body. Alone among appointments, however, the appointment to the office of Secretary of State is made by the Prime Minister, acting alone, without the consent of the King.

In 2005, this unique mode of appointment proved to be providential when it prevented an organic crisis. Talossa had suddenly found itself without a Secretary of State, or any other officer in the Chancery, and also without a King who was capable of exercising his royal powers. Furthermore, the Cosa had been dissolved, and an election, which may only be run by a Secretary of State, was necessary to seat a Ziu which could then elect a Regent to exercise the royal authority for a minor King. The ability of the Prime Minister to immediately appoint a Secretary of State saved Talossa by enabling it to meet its own Organically mandated election schedule and requirements, and conduct what became the historic elections to the 35th Cosa.

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