Cort Pü Inalt

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The Cort Pü Inalt, or Uppermost Court, is the chief judicial body in Talossa, responsible for interpreting the laws of the Ziu or Prime Dictates of the Seneschal, in light of the Organic Law and the principles of the nation. It is the court of last resort for all judicial verdicts. It consists of three justices, nominated by the Ziu and confirmed by the King. Justices serve at the pleasure of the Ziu, and may be recalled or replaced by an act of that body. When hearing arguments or rendering decisions, the Organic Law requires that the justices of the Cort Pü Inalt wear official judicial wigs.

An inferior court, the Magistracy, was instituted by the Ziu to supplement the Cort Pü Inalt's ability to manage their burden.

The current Senior Justice is Sir Tamorán dal Navâ, UrN. He is assisted by two Puisne Justices, Admiral Tímoþi Asmourescu, RN, and Ián Munditenens Tamorán.