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The Cosa (formerly Cosâ) is the lower house of the Ziu. Its 200 seats are apportioned according to the percentage of the popular vote achieved by each registered political party in a general election.

The ceremonial head of the Cosa is the Túischac'h, or Speaker. The Túischac'h is appointed by the King after recommendation from the Seneschal. The current Túischac'h is Carlüs Xheraltescu, appointed by Seneschal Txec dal Nordselva on April 19, 2013.

← 43rd Jul 2012 - Feb 2013 45th →
Elected July 2012
Assembled 1 Aug 2012/XXXIII
Dissolved 28 Feb 2013/XXXIV

Tuischac'h Litz Cjantscheir (RUMP)
Appointed July 2012/XXXIII
Dean Ma la Mha (RUMP)
Serving since the 37th Cosa
Third La Mha Cabinet
Da Chilseu Cabinet
Government (111) RUMP (108)
Opposition (89) ZRT (44)
CSPP (19)
MRPT (18)
CeR (11)
Database entry

The 44th Cosa session commenced on 1 August 2012/XXXIII.

Election results

The results of the General Elections are as follows:

Party Votes Seats
HM's Government (111)
   RUMP 69 108
   C'hríost el Regeu 7 11
HM's Most Loyal Opposition (89)
   Zefençadéirs del Repúblicanismeu Talossán 28 44
   Common Sense Progressive Party 12 19
   Moderate Radical Party of Talossa 12 18
Summary of the July 2012 General Election for the 44th Cosa
Parties and alliances Seat composition Popular vote % ± pp
Seats ± %
RUMP 108 Decrease26 54.00% 69 53.91% Decrease13.20%
ZRT 44 Increase44 22.00% 28 21,88% new party
CSPP 19 Decrease26 9.50% 12 9.38% Decrease12.99%
MRPT 18 Increase10 9.00% 12 9.38% Increase5.43%
CeR 11 Increase11 5.50% 7 5.47% new party
Total 200 -13 100% 128 100%
Valid ballot papers 131 97.71%
Invalid ballot papers 3 2.29%
Eligible voters 171 Turnout: 76.61%
Source: Summary table of election results - Wittenberg

Members of the 44th Cosa


Members of the 44th Cosa representing the CER

Member's name Number of Seats
Eldsfäts Blasiüs 6 (11)*
Suischadna Blasiüs 5 (0)*
Total seats held by party 11

* After MC Suischadna Blasiüs failed to vote for the second time, the seat was reassigned by the party leader of CeR back to himself.


Members of the 44th Cosa representing the CSPP

Member's name Number of Seats
Owen Edwards 4 (3)*
Éovart Grischun 3 (0)**
Breneir Tzaracomprada 3 (0)***
Flip Molinar 3
Davíu Lundescu 3
Eiric Biançéu 3
Ián Txaglh 1 (IP)*
Total seats held by party 19

* MC Edwards held 4 seats during Clark 1. Between Clarks 1 and 2 he reassigned 1 of his seats to Ián Txaglh who sat as an Independent Peculiarist.

** MC Grischun resigned from the Cosa and returned his 3 seats to the party between Clarks 4 and 5 to spend time tending to a personal issue outwith Talossa.

*** MC Tzaracomprada failed to vote during Clarks 3 and 4 and his 3 seats were returned to the party between Clarks 4 and 5.


Members of the 44th Cosa representing the MRPT

Member's name Number of Seats
Alèxandreu Soleighlfred 6
Lüc da Schir 6
Niclau Patíci 6
Total seats held by party 18


Members of the 44th Cosa representing the RUMP

Member's name Number of Seats
Ma Lord Hooligan 18 (15)* (9)**
Çesli da Chilseu 9 (12)* (9)**
Litz Cjantscheir 9
Alexandreu Davinescu 9
Sir Trotxâ Betiñéir 9
Txec Róibeard Nordselva 9***
Vitxalmour Conductour 9
Ian da Bitour 9
Munditenens Tresplet 9
Danihel Txechescu 9
Pôl d'Aurìbuérg 9
Sir Cresti M. Siervicül 9**
Total seats held by party 108

* Lord Hooligan originally held 18 seats but reassigned 3 of them to Çesli da Chisleu just at the start of the 44th Cosa. This brought Hooligans seats to 15, in line with a proposal he supported to reduce the total number of seats held by an MC to 15.

**Between Clarks 1 and 2, Lord Hooligan reassigned 6 of his seats and 3 of Çesli da Chisleu's seats to Sir Cresti.

***Between Clarks 3 and 4, Lord Hooligan reassigned the 9 seats assigned to Bleic'h Ianescu after he failed to vote in two consecutive Clarks and forfeited his seats in the Cosa.


Members of the 44th Cosa representing the ZRT

Member's name Number of Seats
Miestrâ Schivâ 10
C. Carlüs Xheráltescu 10
Eoin Ursüm 10
Sariah Gipson 10
Mximo Carbonel 4
Total seats held by party 44