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Current Head: Munditenens Tresplet
Function: To assist the Seneschal in whatever manner necessary.

The Distain (Deputy Prime Minister) is a member of the Government, serving in the Cabinet and in the Prime Ministry as deputy to the Seneschal. The Distain performs such duties as are delegated to him or her by the Seneschal, and all acts thus delegated and performed have the same effect as if performed by the Seneschal.

In practice, the Distain is an extremely active position in the government, taking action for the Prime Minister in any number of the various cabinet ministries, assisting the various ministers in completion of assigned projects.

During coalition governments, the Distain is often the head of the second largest coalition party and the position is sometimes held alongside another porfolio. Other times, it can be used as one of the ways to elevate a politician to Cabinet level without the need to assign them a portfolio or create an extra office; this was done in the 50th Cosa with Ian Plätschisch, who was tasked with supervising legislative projects.