Edgewood Proclamation

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The Edgewood Proclamation was a royal edict issued by King Ben on 26 Jan 1983/IV, formally declaring Talossa's borders with the United States to be Edgewood Avenue and the Milwaukee River, frequently called "Edgewood and the River." While this did not affect the Kingdom's rightful claim to Cézembre or Péngöpäts, it consolidated and formalized Talossa's claims of territory.

Prior to the Edgewood Proclamation, Talossan territory was centered around the irregular provinces then in existence - Vuode, Mussolini, and Atatürk. These provinces had been supplemented with contrasting and short-lived additional provinces, declared at whim. The Proclamation did away with these ill-defined boundaries, as well as the many overseas claims that King Ben admitted he had mostly forgotten, and gave Talossa its two well-known modern boundaries in the Greater Talossan Area. The Proclamation also established the short-lived Ferenc Szálasi State, named after a murderous Nazi leader of Hungary.

The bulk of the new territory lay to the south and west of previously established Talossa, and at this time was labeled the New Territories. Most subsequent shifts in the realm would be in the form of provincial assignments, parceling out this territory to existing and new provinces.