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Party key   Progressive Conservatives
First Válcádac'h Cabinet
Portfolio Minister
Cabinet ministers
Prime Minister The Most Hon. Gödafrïeu Válcadác'h MC
Deputy Prime Minister
Minister of Propaganda
The Rt. Hon. Tamorán dal Navâ MC
Foreign Affairs Minister The Rt Hon. Michael Pope MC
Finance Minister Administered by the Prime Minister
Attorney General
Justice Minister
The Rt Hon. John Minot
The Rt Hon. Ián von Metáiriâ MC
Defence Minister[1] The Rt Hon. Ián von Metáiriâ MC
Culture Minister The Rt Hon. Tomás Gariçéir MC
Immigration Minister The Rt Hon. Martì-Paìr Furxhéir MC
STUFF Minister
Also attending Cabinet
Minister of Administrative Affairs The Rt Hon. Andrea Thompson
Director of the Primary Intelligence Group The Rt Hon. Ron Rosalez MC
Minister of Silly Walks The Rt Hon. Brook Pànetâ
Wargames Minister The Rt Hon. Weston Erni MC

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