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Established: September 1st, 1996/XVII
Cunstaval: Dame Litz Cjantscheir
Governor: Audradâ d'Aurìbuérg
Senator: Pôl d'Aurìbuérg
Demonym: Florencian
Fl map.png
Location of Florencia.

Florencia is a province of Talossa. Called "the nacho-shaped province", Florencia is Talossa's smallest province by area, but is home to some of the more storied spots in Talossa.


As a reaction to the establishment of a 99-year dictatorship (later rescinded) in what was then known as Mussolini Province, Art Verbotten, a resident of Florencia Canton of that province, declared the secession of the canton, citing the existence of a different Cestour culture and character in Florencia than in northern Benito. After a short struggle with opponents to the secession, Florencia was declared Talossa's sixth province on 1 September 1996/XVII, the date of the promulgation of Florencia's first constitution by Verbotten. The province's recognition as such had been approved by the Ziu and made contingent on this promulgation by the passage of Talossan statute 20RC31 on 21 January 1996.


The province maintained the name it had held as a canton, a name chosen to honour Talossa's Queen Florence. The early flag of the province was emblazoned with the words SÅ VIVA L'QIÑEU, early Talossan for "Long Live the King" (despite her gender, Florence was called King, not Queen, during her reign).

Verbotten became Florencia's first governor, and served many years in the post. He also was instrumental in the drafting of the Constitution of the province, last revised under his guidance in 2002, and last amended in whole on 15 November 2011.


The Province comprises a single Canton (Florencia), divided into three parishes: Thord, Eifflerion, and King Florence. The three parishes are further divided into 23 Kibbutzes (called "Townships" in the rest of Talossa). Thord and Eifflerion Parishes are each composed of eight kibbutzes, and King Florence Parish of seven. Thord Parish is bordered to the north by Benito Province, to the southeast by Maritiimi-Maxhestic Province, to the south by East Windsor Place, and to the west by North Cambridge Avenue. Eifflerion Parish is bordered on the west by the River, to the north and northeast by East Windsor Place, to the south by East Boylston Street and East Irving Place, and to the southeast by Maritiimi-Maxhestic Province. King Florence Parish is bordered to the north by East Boylston Street and East Irving Place, to the west by Maricopa Province, and to the south and southeast by Maritiimi-Maxhestic Province.

The capitol of Florencia province is the Landmark Building, located in Thord Parish, unless an incumbent Governor, Senator, or Constable resides within the provincial borders.


As specified by the Constitution of Florencia, the legislative power of Florencia is vested in a single house known as the Nimlet. In earlier times, the Nimlet was composed of two houses, known as the House of Shepherds and the House of Sheep. Members of the Nimlet are known as Shepherds (or, in Talossan, Pastours).

The Governor of Florencia is elected by the Nimlet from among its members, and serves until a successor is elected.

The term of the Nimlet is concurrent with that of the Cosa of the Kingdom, although the Governor may choose, once, to continue the Nimlet through any early dissolution of the Cosa.

The number of seats in the Nimlet is determined by the Governor after the conclusion of an election, and is based on the number of votes cast. Seats are elected by party, and filled by the leaders of the political parties receiving votes. Two additional seats in the Nimlet are reserved, one for the incumbent Governor and one for the incumbent Senator (who holds veto power over proposed amendments to the provincial Constitution).


Florencia is the nominal home of Talossa's adopted National Football League franchise, the Florencia Packers.

La Ziua del Tepistà (Hooligan Day) is a Provincial Day of Observance on 2 August to honor Baron Hooligan who has done much for the Kingdom and Florencia.

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