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The Governor-General is the current title of the Cunstaval of Cézembre, who represents the Crown in the provincial government. Amendments to the provincial constitution must be proclaimed by the Governor-General. Proclamations made by the Sénéchal, the elected leader of the province, must also be signed by the Governor-General. The Governor-Governor has the power to veto acts approved by the provincial assembly, l'Etats de Cézembre. The current Governor-General is Sir Cresti Siervicül.

List of previous Cunstavais

Cunstaval From Till
Sir Cresti Siervicül July 13th 2011/XXXII Present
Vacant May 22nd, 2010/XXXI July 13th 2011/XXXII
Xhorxh Asmour June 5th, 2007/XXVIII May 22nd, 2010/XXXI
Vacant October 31st, 2006/XXVII June 5th, 2007/XXVIII
Sir X. Pol Briga ??? October 31st, 2006/XXVII