July 2012 General Election

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The July 2012 General Election was held from 15 June 2012/XXXIII to 14 July 2012/XXXIII and elected members to the 44th Cosa and also filled Senator seats for Benito, Fiôvâ and Maritiimi-Maxhestic. Elections to five provincial assemblies plus eight referendums to ratify amendments to the Organic Law were conducted as well. The election was administered by Secretary of State, Sir Iustí Canun and was assisted by his Deputy, Éovart Grischun.

xxx voters were elegible to vote in the election and yyy ballots were cast. Voter turnout was zz.zz%

Registered parties

The following political parties were registered for the July 2012 election:

Results of the Cosa election

Party Number of votes cast Percentage of votes cast Actual Seats awarded Majority
CeR 7 5.47 10.9375 tbc
CSPP 12 9.375 18.75 tbc
MRPT 12 9.375 18.75 tbc
RUMP 69 53.91 107.8125 tbc YesY
ZRT 28 21.875 43.75 tbc
'present'* 3 n/a n/a n/a
  • *Votes of present not included in calculations

Results of the Senatorial elections

Three senatorial elections were held concurrently to the July 2012 General Election.


Candidate's name Number of votes Elected
Istefan Perþonest 9
Iason Taiwos 14 YesY


Candidate's name Number of votes Elected
Ián Anglatzarâ 6 YesY
Miestrâ Schivâ 4
Dieter Vercáriâ 4


Candidate's name Number of votes Elected
Mick Preston 11 YesY
Danihel Laurieir (write-in vote) 3

Results for provincial assembly elections

Party Atatürk Benito Cézembre Florencia Maritiimi-Maxhestic

Results of Referendums

Eight referendums were held during the election to ratify amendments to the Organic Law.

Amendment ÜC NON AUS
43RZ11 106 4 11
43RZ18 99 11 12
43RZ19 103 8 10
43RZ25 82 15 12
43RZ32 97 9 15
43RZ33 96 14 11
43RZ34 99 9 13
43RZ36 89 18 15

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