Law:An Act to Authorise the King to Delegate His State Powers to an Elected "State President" (Preliminary)

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An Act to Authorise the King to Delegate His State Powers to an Elected "State President" (Preliminary)

Whereas, the issue of the King's political powers has never completely gone away, Therefore the Cosâ hereby adopts this non-binding, "sense of the Cosa" Resolution. If this Resolution passes by a strong majority in the Cosâ, further legislation will be introduced to allow the following:

1. The King may opt to delegate his veto and dissolution powers to an elected President.

2. The King may at any time rescind his actions under paragraph 1 and resume power.

A vote "për" on this Resolution will indicate your support for these items in principle. It is our intention to propose this as a simple bill and not as a Constitutional Amendment. As a bill, it will be unconstitutional; but the King will waive his complaints as to its unconstitutionality, His sharing of veto and dissolution powers will be completely voluntary and contingent upon his own right to exercise these powers as he sees lit, guaranteed him in the Constituziun. The overall effect of such legislation would be to create a democratically elected State President, while allowing the King, as guru of the nation, to exercise his constitutional rights in such times of crisis as he may perceive.

Uréu q'estadra så: Robert Madison (PC-Vuode)

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